Glass Pool Fencing: For each pool area, the type and design may vary according to the area condition or the customer’s choice. For that, we have plenty of options with exceptional quality finishing.

Frameless Pool Glass

Most of the people choose frameless pool glass as it is the most appealing and aesthetically perfect for any pool. In frameless as the name suggests it comes with glass only and will be installed with stud fittings. It simply gives the pool area an elegance and charm.


As per the customer requirement, we do concealed pool glass fence which is also one of the best designs for baby secure glass. The main reason for choosing glass fencing is that it is strong. Usually the thickness comes 10mm / 12mm. Also it will be tempered that makes it more stronger. If the pool doesn’t have glass fencing it means that you are inviting risky moment.

Glass Balustrades

Anyone who has pool in their home should consider safety as the first priority and nothing makes it better than having glass fence. Glass pool balustrades is very good option for a pool to make it look more elegant. Another advantage of having glass fence is that it never allow junk inside pool.

swimming pool glass fencing

Frameless Pool Glass Fencing in Dubai

round fitting pool glass fencing

SS Glass Spigots Pool Balustrade Fittings

safety pool glass fencing

12mm Concealed Pool Glass Fencing

glass fencing in Dubai hills

Top Railing Finishing Pool Glass Fencing

frameless spigots fitting pool glass

Square Stud Fitting Pool Fencing

custom design pool glass fencing

Round Stud Fitting Pool Fencing

black spigots fitting pool glass fencing

Black Frameless Pool Glass Fencing

villa pool glass fencing

Removable Spigots Pool Glass Fittings

Pool Glass with unique Colored Accessories

We have extended options when it comes to color selection for pool glass accessories. The natural color of any pool glass accessories are in Silver. But we can also implement special colors on it such as Golden, Black, Copper & Rose Gold. Our unique technique for color implementation make it durability and at the same time leaving material quality unaffected.

Sandblast Pool Glass Fencing

It’s not just clear glass we deal with when it comes to glass fencing, we can also make sandblast frosting on these glass panels for the purpose of additional privacy depending on client’s choice. These frostings can either be fully frosted or partial deepening on customer selection.

Pool in the outdoor are mostly common than indoor. We are experts in the pool glass fence making in the outdoor with creating an aesthetic touch for the pool area. No matter your pool area is too big, we can install glass fence with the complete finishing. Most of the people prefer small swimming pool and those who have large pool area, may think it’s too hard to find the company who does this. So we are here to provide you the best solution with better assistance.

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